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Tense Fontanelle?

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  • Tense Fontanelle?

    My son's soft spot feels tense, not bulging at all, just tense (he's 6 months old with a VP shunt) and honestly I don't know how long it has been this way. He doesn't go back to children's for a check-up until the end of next month. He has no other symptoms of a shunt malfunction. No vomitting, no lethargy, no downward deviation of the eyes, no fussiness, nothing, just a tense soft spot and I feel like a bad parent for just now noticing. I guess because he seems fine and happy, I never bothered to feel of it. Should I be worried?
    Heather - Mother to Dillon (2-12-2013) SB myelomeningocele L1/L2, VP shunt
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