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Safe foods/ reactions ( latex)

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  • Safe foods/ reactions ( latex)

    Our DD whom is now almost 6 months old is going to be on solid foods soon. The dietitian recommended that we only stay away from bananas, as they are the most common to have the cross reaction. The dietitian also recommended we get an epi pen jr ( just in case). My question is if she has no reaction to the foods does that mean she never will or can that come on a a later time. Also wondering are there other reactions besides breathing issues, rash,hives) that I should watch for. We have tested her out on some beginner foods so we know what to stock up on. One thing I've noticed is peas to not agree with her at all, although she loves the taste. When ever she eats them (we've tried 2 times)her poo turns gel like , no other symptoms or side effects. After the 2nd time I figured best to stay away from it. Is this by any chance a known reaction ?
    Does anyone have any suggestions or things to look out for besides breathing problems, rash and hives. I am in a bit of a panic as the latex allergy does not leave much choice of things to eat. Thank you

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    I have had problems with bananas but the only problem I have is an itchy throat. That will be hard to tell with a 6 month old. I also have the same problem with cucumbers. (not sure if cucumbers has to do with latex) I went to an allergist to get tested because I wasn't sure if that reaction was because I was allergic or not. Turns out that I am. And the allergist said that I should stop eating those foods because they can go from that reaction to very bad instantly. Those are the only two foods I have problems with.