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  • Leg swelling

    I use a chair full time and I am in it almost all day depending on the day. And my legs and feet swell. Does this happen to anyone else. Is there anything you have found that prevents it from happening?

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    Swollen legs might indicate a kidney malfunction or
    edema. Because of this, I would advise you to get advice from your doctor as soon as possible.

    Please, don't worry too much about this information, because there is also a big chance that the swelling is only a very normal side effect of the inability to use your legs.

    I am paralyzed from the waist down myself so I also use a wheelchair full time. I've never known any better so I am really at peace with this. When I was very young, I've had a very severe deformation in both my legs but this is mostly cured. I am actually hoping to get rid of my leg braces as soon as possible.

    Both my legs (especially around the ankles) are swollen very often. My kidneys are in mint condition and there is no sign of edema whatsoever. My swollen ankles are caused by inflammations, which seem to occur because of the inability to use my legs. These inflammations are intermittent, so they just come and go.


    I'm unfortunately having huge problems again with both of my feet lately. My feet get swollen and take a strange angle when I take my braces off for a while. Nothing to worry about, according to my orthopedist, just some side effects from the inflammations in my legs...
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      Thanks the swelling has been going on for a few years but not always consistent. I see a urologist regularly so I am pretty confident it is not. She said my kidneys are fine. And I just saw her like a month ago. I was just curious. If there was another reason it might be happening.


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        How's your blood pressure?
        Sumus semper in excretum sed alta variat!


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          my blood pressure is normal


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            Edema is normal when you don't walk. The fluid can't circulate properly without movement. You can get compression stockings to help the fluid move around.