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Can she poop without cone enema in future?

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  • Can she poop without cone enema in future?

    My daughter has lipoma on her back.we used fleet enema then started using qufora cone for 2 years.she is 5 years old. Before enemas we used movicol but during that time her underwear was mostly dirty and she was not willing to sit on the toilet. If I could succeed to convince her to sit and push, she sometimes pooped.But this struggle was too hard for all of us and also we want to keep her clean.thats why we are using cone. But so far I have sometimes used pisillium and other laxatives. I feel that the stool must be neither too hard nor too soft. But it is really very difficult to provide this.I want to believe that she can poop if I can succeed to have this. Of course she needs to be convinced to sit for a while and push regularly. My question is ; what is your opinion or advice? Is there anyone who could poop in his later life? Is my belief in vain ??
    I do qufora every evening generally. Sometimes I think that while taking laxatives I must stop doing thisfor at least 3 days and then I can see what will happen but I can't because I cant help thinking of whether she is fine while her bowel ls full.thats why I can't try

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    My daughter got a condition the same as your daughter and she is also years old now. It is really hard to predict what will happen in the future. But I think keeping her clean through the day during school time is the most important consideration at this moment because any accident at school will definitely affect her confidence. In this connection what we can do is using the best routine during weekday and may try some new means during long holiday as trail.

    We are using cone enema as well which could keep her clean for 2 days interval. We had tried magic bullet few months ago and Peristeen system but not succeed at all. What we are doing is we tried new means which hopefully could gradually allow her to take care of herself independently in the future. While if that trail section was succeed, we used the cone enema to clean her bottom as well. She is willing to sit on toilet to wait the action of the cone enema. You could try to arrange some entertainment for her to attract to sit on the toilet for at least 20 mins such as movie, reading story and etc etc... and asking her to push push sometimes in order to train her to use her own muscle there. Please leave msn to me so that we could share our experience.

    Hope this help,



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      Thank you for your message Jack. I always think about the future( how will she handle all problems; cathing and cone qufora.) We will see....