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Stuck catheters! !!

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  • Stuck catheters! !!

    Though this is is about my 7 yr old son, I thought I would write here as maybe more people look on this thread.

    My son's catheter seems to get stuck, it seems to hit bladder wall then snake back round.....and I have to slowly gently pull it out....He use size 10.....its obviously double size when it comes out! It's happening a lot recently.....does this happen to anyone else!? (It's a safety cath too)

    Rang continence nurse..she not in till Wednesday, but I just thought I'd put it out there and see if this happens with anyone else?? ....must say it does make my eyes water when it happens!
    Hope you all doing well...
    Mis piggy.X

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    Do not push it past/through the "wall", that's the sphincter in spasm, pull back an inch or two, wait a minute for it to relax, then try again.
    Sumus semper in excretum sed alta variat!


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      Thanks for quick post. ..
      It happens even when goes in smoothly..


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        Mine are permanent catheters but are changed every 6 weeks and my District Nurses use lubricant whether they are putting them in ot taking them out.


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          Hi mark, As of yet my boy has new cath each time..done 4/5 times a day ......