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Pulmonary function tests-question if anyonr else has had this done!

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  • Pulmonary function tests-question if anyonr else has had this done!

    Recently had a full suite of pulmonary function tests done to rule our asthma after a several year history and chest tightness and occasionally feeling short of breath. The technician gave me the raw results but I am still waiting on the official report from the hospital pulmonologist. The results seem wonky and I have read that they should have corrected for my lack of height from the scoliosis (I am a tiny bit above 4'10 and based on arm span should be around 5'2). No correction for my height was done. Lung volumes are weird (increased) which I guess can point to asthma but my airway resistancd is LOW which is definetly not a feature of asthma

    Has anyone else had PFTs done? Is it normal for results to be a bit strange with spinal deformities? I still have a 55 degree curve.

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    If your scoliosis is thoracic it can affect the way your ribs move and if it's lumbar the reduced abdominal volume means your diaphagm is displaced upwards, but one would expect that to cause a reduction in lung volume, not an increase.
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      Dodger yes, exactly which is why I am wondering if the fact they didn't correct for my height could be messing with things a bit.