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Types of Spina Bifida

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    31 yrs old SB myelomeningocele, I still have fatty tissue/tumor that is wraped around my spinal cord that can't be removed in risk of permanantly paralyzing me or killing me. I have a bad limp and bad hips, I wear plastic insert braces fron the knee down when I walk, otherwise I use a wheelchair most of the time. I'm finding with age and chasing a toddler wares one out quickly.


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      Hi everyone,

      since Aurelia was born and we were told that her issue is not clear, I have read so many scientific publications about spinal dysraphism that I think I could take a university exam in Neurosurgery

      However, I think that this article here --> <-- is well written and clear about the different types of SB.
      (Even if it does not include the particular type that my daughter may have).

      Hope it helps.
      Daughter Aurelia (born June 17th, 2014), lipomyelomeningocele S3/4. Had surgery on her 50th day of life. Recovering fine.