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FB Spina Bifida Connection vs. here

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  • FB Spina Bifida Connection vs. here

    Looks like everyone is gone from here these days. I have visited the FB site, but there's no searching capability. I just found another SB site on FB it has a search feature, not sure how well it works yet. I miss the first people I met on here. Good to see Doger is still working on here. If the FB site could be linked to here, and have a search feature, it'd be such a great wealth of information. We have discussed it all here.

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    This site was unfortunately down for some time, since it was fixed with new software the traffic has not come back up to the usual rate. I too prefer this forum as posts never dissapear and conversations can continue indefinitely. Facebook is not good as it doesn't keep a fully searchable history. The privacy of this forum is also far better than Facebook. I don't really trust FB with my privacy as they are by definition profitting from posts and user activity, which they analyze to sell advertising.
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