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Enema and elementary school advice

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  • Enema and elementary school advice

    Hello everyone.

    I've recently been having a hard time with my daughters enemas. We use the kangaroo pouch. I use 100ml of water for every pound and she's about 52 pounds. I use salt and some johnson baby liquid soap recommended by the doc. I have her bend forward on the potty and we insert "big tubee" after letting all the water go in, I let it sit for 10 min. The problem is the next day, she still has bowel movements, some days are better than others but what are your recommendations?

    2nd question, the public school I want to put her in has told me they don't know if they can allow her to attend because she isn't potty trained (and boy did that make me mad. I hate it when people tell me Naomi can't do something). I told them she was physically disabled. Do they have a right to not let my child attend because of her incontinence? What are my rights as a parent?

    Naomi will be starting 1st grade and I can tell this diaper thing is affecting her self-confidence. She's worried kids will make fun of her. Naomi is so bright and kind and I don't like seeing her like this.

    I have not tried Ditropan but been told we may have to start using it. Naomi's bladder is like a leaking balloon.

    Any advice or recommendations would be super helpful.

    Thank you,

    Michelle and Naomi
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